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Lumston has been awarded #14 Great Place to Work 2022

Recently Lumston was named and recognized by hundreds of Mexican companies as one of the Great Places to Work™ in Mexico's western region in the category of companies with 500 employees. The prestigious award is due to the effort we have put into offering the best working experience at Lumston. This certification measures different qualities that assure employees a great job experience. It takes into count things such as trust, pride, and culture in the company.

How do they measure this?

Over the past 30 years, GPTW™ has conducted extensive research on the employee experience, what makes organizations great, and what has defined the pinnacle of every workplace today.

Decades of research show that workplaces with high-trust cultures see higher returns on results, levels of innovation, customer and patient satisfaction, employee engagement, and organizational agility.

The survey applied highlights a great sense of inclusion in Lumston, the ability to be oneself at work, and positive feelings about the company's contribution to the community.

Interested in joining Lumston? As a hybrid company, you can work remotely. Visit our carreers website to learn more.