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Lumston Ranks #14 on Great Place to Work 2022-2023: Celebrating our Team's Achievements

Lumston has been recognized as the #14 Great Place to Work in Mexico's western region for the second time. This prestigious award was given to Lumston by hundreds of Mexican companies in the category of companies with 50-500 employees. We are dedicated to providing our team with the best possible working experience, which is reflected in this certification. This recognition is a testament to our commitment to maintaining a high standard of trust, pride, and culture in our workplace.

How do they measure this?

The certification is based on a survey conducted by Great Place to Work™, an organization that has led extensive research on the employee experience over the past 30 years. The survey measures various qualities that ensure employees have a great job experience. Research has shown that workplaces with high-trust cultures see higher returns on results, levels of innovation, customer and patient satisfaction, employee engagement, and organizational agility.

Lumston's employees have highlighted a great sense of inclusion in the workplace, the ability to be oneself at work, and positive feelings about the company's contribution to the community. We are proud to have created a workplace where our employees feel valued, respected, and supported.

Interested in joining Lumston? As a hybrid company, you can work remotely. Visit our carreers website to learn more.