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Staff Augmentation

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What is Staff Augmentation?

Have you ever wondered how some companies develop awesome solutions without having a big payroll? Perhaps, they have applied a strategy such as Staff Augmentation.

Staff Augmentation is a flexible outsourcing methodology that enables you to apply talent with the necessary skills to a project and expand your business. The best of this strategy is that you can have this talent permanently or temporally.


No infrastructure investment

Reduces time and resources spent on recruitment

Eliminate the additional costs of having in-house employees

Not bound by geographical limitations

Staff Augmentation is right for you if you need:

To extend your team

You already have the team to work on your product in the local office, but you want to extend your team to develop another part of the product. Hence, you will need to up to 3 tech professionals but due to the shortage on your local talent market, recruiting processes will only take more time.

Geographical expansion

You are developing a tech solution with your staff and you need to add new engineers to your team. As the stack of professionals that you intend to hire is rare in your country, you're looking to extend your search to other locations.

Vision consolidation

You cooperate with a project outsourcing company to develop your product, but this model doesn't fit you. Your business needs to communicate with your team directly on a daily basis and that kind of communication fits better with a well-acquainted remote team to make sure they feel like part of your local team.

Common misconceptions

Quality is diminished

Staff Augmentation supports the operating efficiency by permitting flexible work platforms. Also, the employees are found to be more responsible and dedicated to their job.

Our staff working on different shifts will adapt to their work and time zone, offer a fresher and alternative vision of the processes that will allow them to obtain at the end, an impeccable quality.

Is too expensive

The expenses an employer can save include fixed salaries, legal and employment benefits, premiums, corporate aids, and social security benefits. Using Staff Augmentation allows an organization to grow their work force with specific professionals for particular tasks without having the necessity to incur in long-range or undefined term recruitment.

The developers hired will be available for the company without additional costs. The fees of these dedicated resources will never be higher than the total cost of an employee.

No control over the projects

Having incorporated developers, who will work exclusively for the contracting company, the commitment with the project and the company’s vision will be impeccable. Also, the company could count with different professionals, experts in their fields to contribute in a positive way with the development of a project.

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