ux design
ux design

We all know we are living in a decade where consumers want functionality, inclusivity, and specialization. That's why UX designers are the key to transform companies and the products they create.

Here are the five top trends for 2020, along with suggestions that you can put into action with your projects:

It is a natural complement to user-centered design and great UX.

With the computational design, you can go from designing things that meet human needs to designing computers and programs to do this for us.

They are human-made things that imitate our decision-making processes and examine possibilities within defined parameters just as we would, but faster.

Design thinking is increasing critically in shaping the business strategy. Companies must begin to see the benefits of this integration as a strong relationship between business and design.

A business designer can understand and communicate across the full lifecycle of a product, from research, development, and design to testing, strategy, and iteration.

Every step of the process, every box you have to fill, takes from your time of doing something else. The motivation has to be high to go through a generic buying online procedure. Mobile is tapping into that by integration payments into simple gestures and face IDs.

Developers and designers are collaborating more every day, this integration must continue as data and design deepen and connects more. Organizations require to let the two areas to effectively work in lockstep. Most design-forward companies use data to make a big difference.

This integration requires a shift from an island mentality to something resembling a squad mentality, a familiar concept in Agile methodologies. Bring the teams together to work towards integrated collaborations, sharing knowledge, skills, and workflows!

There are different types of behavior online. We are capable of changing the experience for an infinite number of people based on their behavior on sight. Actual analytics allows us to determine who we are dealing with. Depending on the time they spend on a screen or the scroll speed, a website must behave differently. The ideal is that your designs understand the context.

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