Lumston is a company that provides software development, design and marketing services,enhancing society by translating its creative culture into disruptive innovation and quality.


We strongly believe in always walking the extra mile with our clients. Meaning, we commit with every deadline and necessity our client has.


We have professional, specialized and talented people that, with thorough methodologies guiding our work, achieve the customer's total satisfaction.


We create value with disruptive ideas by encouraging our clients to innovate, our team treats each project as their own.


We are committed with all our clients to protect their goals and information as our own. As well as giving always our honest opinion in every project.


In Lumston we create a synergy by combining our areas of Software, Design & Marketing with multidisciplinary teams in each project. This allows us to deliver a final product in time, form and quality.


Redesign and creation of brand´s DNA to increase our client´s impact organically


We develop brand´s DNA from beginning to end, working with multidisciplinary teams that let us translate your idea into a high impact brand with value added identity.

We are consistent with the ideas we represent and this lets us communicate our client’s message in the best way.

We create montages, infographics, photography, 3D model rendering, animations and commercials.


We offer graphic and audiovisual content to increase social media impact.

We offer graphic and audiovisual content to increase social media impact, following marketing strategies, we are capable of complementing campaigns with content like montages, infographics, photography, animated videos and commercials. Lumston uses all these elements to ensure outstanding campaigns for all our clients.

We develop apps for Windows 10, tablets and phones.


We create mobile and desktop apps for windows, conscious of the growth potential this operating system, we have apps that go from B2B management software to B2C apps and games

Lumston always goes one step further by having UX and UI experts involved in all it´s projects.

We prototype and enhance wearable devices.


We prototype wearable devices and enhance their functionality, through software development or via hardware reengineering.

We have experience with camera, accelerometer, sensors and drone embedded solutions. Some of our developments include health monitoring devices and activity trackers.

We create Android and iOS applications that meet your needs.


We create native and web mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows. We have a vast portfolio of solutions that go from B2B management software to B2C apps and games.

We have a multidisciplinary team in every proyect to ensure completion on time and manner, including UX and UI experts that collaborate in every detail.

We build interfaces taking usability and simplicity as a premise.


We build effective interfaces to optimize software usability, as we are aware of the importance this has for our client´s success.

We have experience designing all kinds of software ranging from enterprise management and productivity to B2C software in desktop, web, wearable and mobile platforms. Our developments are characterized by the usability and the simplicity of our designs.

We forge PHP and Node.JS robust backends.


The back-end, or your application's heart must be robust and reliable.

We create your aplication logic in languages like PHP, Python and Shell scripts. If you prefer, in technologies like Node.JS

We help you register, follow up, and protect your trademark.


In Lumston we take care of the brand development process from beginning to end, and to ensure that our clients don´t have legal issues we offer trademark registering. For international reach we have strategic partnerships with highly specialized trademark and patents companies.

We design the front-end of your site using technologies like Angular, JS, CSS3 and HTML 5.


The front-end, or your application's face, must instantly catch your customer's attention and provide a friendly experience.

Get your front-end done in technogies like HTML5, CSS3, Angular.JS. We focus on having a clean and intuitive front-end always complemented by a powerful backend.

We create hardware solutions in MCU's and embedded systems


We create business to client hardware solutions using embedded systems like Raspberry, Intel Galileo, Texas Instruments, MCUs and many other chips and boards to produce functional solutions that suit your needs.

We use lean methodologies to launch new products on time.

We recreate the appropriate moments in a great diversity of scenarios.


We offer professional photography to all our clients, it is a very powerful resource to communicate and potentialize our client´s brands

We strongly believe in the importance of recreating the appropriate moments, this belief led us to become flexible with the photography type and environment.

We develop consistent and professional brand identities.


We develop the identity manual with the objective of making the conceptual identity tangible, to ease communication between the organization and their market, to ensure better positioning and to give consistency to our client´s brands.

It is important to maintain a document that keeps the company´s meaning.

We develop SEO-friendly, responsive websites.


We are experts in creating websites, responsive interface design and SEO friendly sites.

Lumston optimizes the structure of your website to obtain visibility according to search engines criteria, having a diverse portfolio of websites including e-commerce, management, presentation and for other purposes.

We create and execute thorough functionality tests.


Testing and validation is a very important step in your aplications life-cycle.

We design and execute software validation tests that will, in the long-term help you reduce the workload of human testing.

We create enterprise management and commercial software.


We develop software for any kind of purpose, from management back-ends to highly customized points of sale. We use platforms like C#, C++, C, .NET for the desktop layers and MEAN, Angular.JS, Node.JS for web apps.

We are familiarized with other platforms besides the ones mentioned above, which are specified in further project definitions.

Reach your goals, we exceeded your expectations.


Lumston treat each project as our own, we are proud of our portafolio and consider our our greatest asset.


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